Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida

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Annual membership fee for CHESF is $40

If you have a graduating senior and want to participate in Commencement, you must join CHESF by Dec 1st. 

If you plan to join FPEA, as a CHESF member, you will receive a discount on your membership in FPEA.  Go directly to to register using our CHESF ID code (provided upon CHESF registration and payment.)

CHESF is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible for IRS reporting.  THANK YOU for your interest in joining our support group.

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Welcome to CHESF!

Your CHESF membership has been approved and we look forward to meeting you and your family.

Group Name: Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida
Group Contact Email: [email protected]

We hope that you find within CHESF the help and encouragement to aid you in your homeschooling efforts this year. Please let the leadership know where we may expand to meet your needs, and where you may offer to build up the community of homeschoolers in Southwest Florida through a special gift or talent. Together with the aid of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will be able to do all that is set before us with success.

The following information is provided to let you know of our various resources. They will help you to remain plugged in and allow you to take advantage of the activities in CHESF and the community.

  1. use the CHESF website to keep in touch with events, opportunities, and other helpful homeschooling information. Our web site is .

Our Online Activities Calendar is accessible by clicking “Calendar” on the left side of our web page. From the monthly display you can scroll through upcoming months to see what activities apply to your family (note color coding.) You can click a day’s event to open a pop-up window to show details and to RSVP/sign up for a field trip or event. You will also see a scrolling events calendar on the homepage reminding you of upcoming events for the month. In addition, you may elect to receive a weekly update sent directly to your in box. All details are easily accessible and event sign up is just a click away.

All CHESF email communication is now posted through the Forum section of the webpage. Messages will be sent to your email, and you may customize delivery options by editing your CHESF profile. You may choose which forum categories to receive; you may want to select ALL for now. Any member may post a new message thread, please tag your message with a specific category or use general homeschooling as your topic. Additionally. please check your email for CHESF Email Updates.

The current CHESF Membership Directory may now be printed at any time. From the menu on the left select Families and then Online Directory. You may also select which fields you want included in order to customize your directory; then simply Print Directory.

Other web features: You may now upload your own homeschooling photos or photos of CHESF events into the Photo Gallery to share with members.(This is in addition to your yearbook submissions.) Please upload one photo of your family into the album named Our Families so we can get to know each other. Take notice of our Classifieds section and Business Directory. Take time to enter your applicable information so these can be valuable tools for our membership. In addition, if you need a membership card, you may print one online.

New Feature!!!! Each family has a secure and personal family website. You can have your own homepage, photo gallery, and custom pages. You can also set up guest logins and passwords, giving grandparents, siblings at college, and other friends access to your family website without entering the group website.

Membership also affords you a discount coupon for your FPEA membership, should you choose to also join that organization.

To join FPEA to go to and use the group coupon code GRP-0109 in the coupon code field on the check-out page. This will reduce the membership by $10 per family.

To be sure the coupon code works, here are some tips to avoid common mistakes:

For help with coupon, here are some tips:

  1. Coupon code is entered into coupon field on checkout page. Coupon code will not work in Discount field.

  2. Coupon cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts.

  3. Make sure code is entered exactly as shown above, other variations and group number will not work.

  4. If members need further help, they can email us at [email protected]

CHESF Officers:

Ben Strunk - President - [email protected]

Cheryk Joreski - Vice President -

Jennifer Hall - Secretary - [email protected]

Terry Strunk - Treasurer - [email protected]

Cynthia Peterson - Communications Coordinator - [email protected]

Cheryl or Cynthia will usually be able to answer most of your questions, or be able to direct to the right person or place for you to receive the information expeditiously.

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